No.1 Lodge* Kokopo –– international standard tourist and business traveler  motel accommodation 

Staff welcome guests to No.1 Lodge KokopoComfortable bed, good storage space, bench, TVSplit system air conditioning and fans cool every roomTavurvur volcano blowing its top on 29 August, 2015The ikonic Tolai Tubuans emerge from hiding to perform at a festivalView from balcony shows motel layoutClassic fish and chips for dinner with fresh caught local reef and deep sea fishOrchid in a Kokopo garden. Orchids grow in profusion in the areaSeventy years after WWII, a Japanese barge quietly rusts away in its protective tunnelVendors in the Kokopo market at the height of the mango seasonNo.1 Lodge Kaivovo Street, Kokopo

In Tok Pisin, the lingua franca of Papua New Guinea, "No.1" means unequivocally "the best"!

Sam and Alice Eremas, who built No.1 Lodge motel to provide quality tourist and business traveler accommodation in Kokopo

Hello! We are Sam and Alice Eremas, the owners of No.1 Lodge.

Welcome to our motel. We planned and designed No.1 Lodge from the beginning to give you international standard motel tourist and business traveler accommodation at an budget rate in Kokopo, our home town.

We chose a quiet area close to all facilities and shopping, designed and built the rooms for your comfort and security, and furnished them with quality furnishings and fittings. We are particularly proud of the beds -- try them and you will see there are no compromises!

We know how pleasant it is to be able to step outside too, so we gave each room a balcony of its own.

Finally, we hired experienced and enthusiastic staff to pamper you.

Join us at No.1 Lodge for the kind of stay away from home that you ought to have, but don't always get.

A Good Size: 22 Motel Rooms

The No.1 Motel is on two levels with covered stair access to the upper level. Its 22 rooms are all air conditioned and solar hot water ensures hot showers! P1790831

No.1 Lodge is a nice size for a pleasant stay -- with 22 motel rooms it is big enough for you to be independent but not so big that you are totally anonymous. You have choices of upstairs or ground level location, and queen beds or twin singles. All 22 rooms are the same good space, self-contained, air conditioned, with quality fittings and appliances.

We also offer the facility of in-house dining making for a pleasant guest house atmosphere.

An Ideal Base for Business Traveler or Tourist

No.1 Lodge is an ideal base for both business and tourist travelers to Kokopo, Rabaul, and East New Britain Province generally. Being motel style means you have freedom to come and go. While located in a quiet part of town, it is only a few minutes walk to the best lattes, cappuccinos, and short black coffees in Kokopo, and to the market, shops, major government and commercial offices, and the two main night clubs. The boat harbor is just down the road.

Getting Around

For travel around town and in the general area, we can call one of our own taxis, arrange a No.1 Hire Car for you, or direct you to the nearest bus stop where you can jump on a local minibus for an interesting ride that costs peanuts.

We do budget K20 airport transfers in our own minibus. Just let us know your flight number and arrival time when you book and we will be there to pick you up.

Seeing the Sights

Tourists and business travelers alike are fascinated by the powerfully spectacular Tolai snake dancers

You might be visiting as a tourist specifically to see the sights that make Kokopo, Rabaul, and the Gazelle Peninsula famous, or you might be here on business, in which case it would be sad if you didn't see something of this fascinating place and our people too. Click here for a preview.

Reception can give you contacts for trusted tour providers who know the area, the people, and the destinations intimately. Alternatively, if you wish to tour privately in a No.1 Hire Car, we can put you in touch with an experienced guide who will make sure you get the best value for your hire and don't get lost (road signs are few)!